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A crossbow is a kind of a weapon with a bow attached on a stock that shoots projectiles, usually called quarrels and bolts. As early as 1400s, the use of crossbows is widespread in Europe. It also plays a significant role in North Africa and Asia. The crossbows design and appearance enable the user to shoot arrows fairly effective without minding about exhaustion when pulling the string back and forth to launch the projectile, just like traditional bow. The crossbow has a trigger system that allows the user to shoot arrows easily.

Every person who uses a crossbow has their own opinion about which one is the best. With so many types of crossbow available on the market nowadays, choosing which one provides you with more benefits can be a challenge. There are some factors that need to put into consideration when buying a crossbow. Some of these factors include quickness, accuracy and simplicity. In addition, engineering and size also play an important part in choosing the best crossbow.

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In today’s market, most archers will find two kinds of crossbows the recurve and compound crossbow. The recurve crossbow is a common style crossbow that resembles to a recurve bow. It uses two hard limbs that are mounted to the stock of the crossbow. The limbs bend back and forth at the tips, which provide more potential energy. The compound crossbow is a new evolution of crossbow. It comes with a split or single limbs and uses a cam system. In addition, it is usually heavier and thicker than the recurve, but its limbs are much shorter, which hunters find beneficial when using their crossbow in blinds or tree stands where the areas are very spacious.

horton jackal crossbowThe first thing you need to do is to weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each kind of crossbow. The main benefit that you can obtain from a recurve crossbow is the extra strain it puts on the arrows. Compared to the compound crossbow, a recurve crossbow is louder, which plays a significant part if you are shooting live game. Aside from this, it is tough, easier to use, and is recommended for beginners.

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Several hunters have said that the best crossbow for hunting is the Excalibur Phoenix. This particular kind of crossbow is preferred by many professional archers because of its precision. A person shooting at a distance of 25 yards can actually put three shots in the same hole using Excalibur Phoenix. Aside from precision, it is also very easy to maintain, especially if you do constant shooting. If you perform infrequently, you only need to replace the string. Although some hunters are in favor of Excalibur, other hunters prefer TenPoint crossbow when it comes to quality. According to them, the TenPoint crossbow is more reliable than the Excalibur. In addition, if you use the bolts provided by the manufacturer, then accuracy between the TenPoint and Excalibur will be about the same.

Every hunter and archer who uses a crossbow will surely tell you that his preferred brand is better for one reason or another. Hence, the best way to find out which crossbow meets your needs is to do a research and seek the help of some crossbow professionals. You should also get different opinions and recommendations before making a final decision.

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