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Outdoor hunting is a big sport followed by many people in the United States. According to the Outdoor Foundation, 26.79 million people engaged in the activity in 2011. Since 2006, more than 150 million people have taken part in hunting wildlife. Statistics published by the foundation show children as young as 6 years old indulge in the sport. You can buy crossbow and become part of the growing number of outdoor hunters. This versatile hunting tool was invented by the Chinese as early as 4 B.C. Arrows fired from a crossbow can reach speeds of up to 420 fps. There are many types of crossbows available on the market. The following are some of the most important factors you should consider.

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Many buyers tend to pick the lightest crossbow on the market. Avoid making this mistake unless you are an experienced hunter. Most light crossbows are hard to aim and handle. A choice that packs some extra weight will be easier to steady and aim. Heavier options are stronger and do not break easily. The rule of thumb is to pick a crossbow that straddles both worlds. Choose something that you can comfortably lug around while tracking deer.


horton crossbows hawk slThe design of crossbows can be broken down into two categories recurve and compound crossbows. The recurve design is the oldest and has been in use for hundreds of years. all recurve crossbows have prods that face away from the user when not strung. These are perfect for first time users. You will find the whole bow consists of prods, trigger, stock, and string. You can count on these bows to be extremely quiet. The only downsides include less accuracy and power. Compound bows are more compact, smaller, accurate, and powerful.

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Cocking Devices

Crossbows cock better than regular bows. All come with some form of cocking device attached. You can choose to cock by hand, via a crank, or rope cocking device. Cocking by hand is not recommended unless you are fit enough to spar with an Olympic wrestler. Make sure your shot placement is consistent or else arrows will always miss targets. A crank cocking device mounts on the stock and adds stability. An average of 12 pounds of tension is enough to cock your crossbow. Though it takes some time to cock, handicapped hunters can enjoy outdoors sports with minimum effort. Crank cocking devices retail for about 130. Rope cocking devices can be purchased for less than 35. You will only use half the energy used to cock by hand. The design is simple and easy to use.


Most manufacturers offer scopes as part of the crossbow package. A scope is vital since it increases your accuracy. If you are looking for a magnified scope, multiple reticle scopes work okay. These come in handy when hunting game at a distance of 30 yards or more. The only drawback is firing close range shots. The high levels of magnification make sighting game at close quarters a big headache. Red dot scopes on the other hand are perfect for hunting at 30 yards or less. The scopes are not magnified. Personal preferences will also determine your buy crossbow decisions.

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