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Archery is an old sport, one which has been associated with sport, hunting and warfare. Bows and arrows have always had the potential to be deadly weapons, but today they are more efficient than their historic predecessors. Finding crossbows for sale is also much easier as they are sold online by specialist companies.

Crossbows come in several categories. There are recurve bows, compound bows, even pistol bows which are smaller than these other types. Bowfishing is a variation on game hunting. In every case, cables and pulleys take some of the weight off of the archer as he pulls the string and aims forward as though shooting a rifle. Each type has its particular use, whether in a hunting scenario or for target shooting. Longbows are not the same kind of weapons. As How Stuff Works points out, traditional bows (longbows) require arm strength to pull, meaning the archers with the best chance of hitting anything with accuracy are the ones who are tall and have big biceps. Short archers cannot pull the string back as far as their taller competitors. A crossbow, however, can be drawn with levers or even with muscles from the lower body. This makes it an ideal weapon for people of small stature and light muscle who still want to compete, including young people and women.

Horton Crossbows Accessories

Consumers are looking for particular features apart from price, although one can expect to pay around 150 for a good bow, depending on its style and size. This is even true of youth bows. Watch for sales there are bargains on the internet.

horton crossbows legend 2Younger archers need to have bows which are built for their size because the draw length will not be as long as that for adults. Buy bows which have been made specifically for youth. Although safety, accuracy, draw weight and speed are the most important things to look for, there are also color choices including pink and camouflage.

Older crossbow users should also be looking at draw weight. While the limits on draw weight remain around thirty pounds for youth, give or take ten pounds, the weight can be over 150 pounds for adult users which provides tremendous power and speed.

Horton Crossbows Parts List

Crossbows for sale sometimes come as they are, or consumers can buy them as part of a package. This package should include a scope for seeing prey or a target in the distance. It should also come with arrows or bolts. If you want a really sophisticated machine, there are laser pointers, or the type where the bow can be folded making it more portable than comparable models.

With ample accessories there are many ideas for the archer in your life at Christmas and birthdays. Fill a good boys stocking with new string and bolts. Wrap a stand or a brand new case and put it under the tree. Waxes, lubes, slings and targets are also available. This last item will keep an archer happy between hunting seasons, helping him to maintain a sharp eye and strong muscles.

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