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wnppmy8 months ago





New to crossbow and surprised on drop at or over 30 Yds . Still with practice are very accurate. Some of the comments are about making the shot every time. Really enjoying shooting mine todate!




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blackfeatherarchery2 years ago





Great video, Can you do one with shooting.









reaper2355782 years ago





Nice video btw









monstarmarkum1 year ago





i just watched a old man shot twice a pop can at 60 yards with a pistol cross bow… and your saying a full size one is less acurate. what sucks.









reaper2355782 years ago





I guess thats the one area were canada isnt picky we have crossbows that do 375 up here, and i dont think theres a minimum age.









MichiganHunter10002 years ago





Great video gary!









bon james1 year ago





more videos!









Garter Snake11 months ago





What state can shoot crossbows at 12??









Namdor20122 years ago





Guess using a range finder over 30 yards you could get up to some good distant shots.









coyotehunter30351 year ago





i use a barnett quad 400 and i practice at 50-60 yards and can get a 3-4 inch group. now that is in very calm conditions. i don’t shoot deer at more than 45









gamerfan262 years ago





im at 345fps









butt head2 years ago





@custom24prs I have a friend who takes deer at 70yrds with his Predator with no problem.I wouldnt go beyond that distance.
Jack Tackett5 months ago





Ultimate zombie weapon…












lou4ny2 months ago

















Phat Kat1 year ago
in reply to Marion Robinson IV




Im not sure the brand just ebay dovetail to picatinny adapter on ebay.









Phat Kat1 year ago
in reply to Marion Robinson IV




thank you! id like to see it when your done









Phat Kat1 year ago
in reply to The-Grammar-Police




it came with the red dot the scope and mount was about 100 the laser and lights about 40









headflatter soshootso1 year ago





its a lightweight bow 🙂









Anonymous1 year ago





The bolts are not very tough that fit this crossbow. The four that came with broke the first week I got this. But oh we’ll, I guess my brother should’ve just stuck with his Martin!









rickyduarte11 year ago





good crossbow i have the same setup on mine and you can beat the price









bfla bfoaskd2 years ago





didn’t know it was a video about a scope









Phat Kat1 year ago
in reply to Spacechief0




thank you









John Glendenning2 years ago





I just bought the same crossbow.









The-Grammar-Police1 year ago





roughly, how much did you spend all together for the sights?









taldwarf281 year ago





Phat Kat, I had seen 17 inch bolts offered elsewhere, Just wondering if that would be a problem for the bow launching them?









xogameing1 year ago





how heavy is it









presqueisle6910 months ago





Looks nice.









Marty Frazier2 years ago
in reply to John Glendenning




crossbows are legal in FL during modern gun season









Phat Kat2 years ago
in reply to fedoremilienenko




thanks bro its a nice crossbow









Dalton25419 months ago





What scope is that? Thats awesome I want it on my ruger 10/2









Jonathan Shalooe1 year ago





Ya the red dot site iz alright but ur scope sounds like a way beeter idea









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