Horton Crossbows Repair Parts

Horton Crossbows Repair Parts



If you haven’t heard already, Horton Crossbows are going out of business! This means that parts and accessories are going to be hard to come by. Luckily we have found a simple solution for those of you who are in need of a crank for your Horton crossbows. The Parker Sidewinder crank can be used interchangeably with the most of the Horton crossbow models. Watch our video for a quick tutorial!
dheller7773 months ago





You really got ripped off by the company who fixed your cable slide. The slide itself should only cost a couple of bucks. I think they stuck it to you because they knew Horton went bankrupt. I worked several years in a pro shop and would probably have charged you about $20 for the fix. You are right about Horton parts they will be like gold soon. Many people still don’t know they are out of business. I have two Horton crossbos and I have started buying spare parts for them when I see them on the internet.




horton crossbows repair parts





3 months ago


Yeah…that’s ultimately what I ended up doing. I found a bunch of slides and cables on eBay and bought as many as I could, lol.



Peter Godsil3 months ago





Sounds stupid but.. the cables themselves are made of a steel cable

What you should do is on one of the cables put a small one layer of duct tape wrapped once around it.
The rubber ..well almost like rubber texture will help the cables slide across each other. I own a Horton Tacoma trac 150 crossbow
I had the same problem
And for me It worked.

Just an idea to help 馃檪

If you do this and it doesn’t work
You just get the same result
I apologize
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3 months ago


Thanks for the advice, lol. Luckily, though, I found a guy on eBay that was selling a bunch of parts for this model, so I bought a bunch of cable-savers and cables to keep me set until the day comes when one of the arms breaks or something and I have to get an entirely new bow…



AnotherDumbYoutuber6 months ago





I’m sure they will fix you up and help out if they care about customer satisfaction at all lol. If not, don’t raise hell to them because you don’t want to piss people off and then let them work on you’re stuff…(experience). Just call BBB right there in the store and start reporting. Kinda been there done that with a regular bow and small town archery shop.









TRON88826 months ago





I would totally raise holy hell on the company that fixed this hopefully something can be resolved soon.









TheIrishChurchwarden6 months ago
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Yeah…I might do that if they screw it up again, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to them either way unless absolutely necessary…









Bonnie Peterson2 months ago





That sucks!









2 months ago


Yep. :/

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