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Joel Brothers1 week ago





You never fire any firearm, bow, or crossbow, or ride any bicycle, without giving it a thorough inspection first, especially if they are new. I thought everyone knew that. Store clerks don’t always do a good job assembling things. It’s up to you to make sure the device is safe to use.





Horton Crossbows Reviews







drazdziu154 months ago





Sue theme, make milions… murica












Brandon Mallory4 months ago





Your a pussy












Hunting Michigan Outdoors1 year ago





Your the dumb ass that didn’t check it before you used it!









Josh Hamilton9 months ago





You have to tighten it down









cjay03161 year ago





This is not a review just an story about a broken bow









xXLetsPlayers101Xx1 year ago





There is this thing called fixing it









Samuel Robinson1 year ago














OrtegaX137 months ago





and hes telling the whole world this why?









TheChadhowell1 year ago





U should go through and tighten everything down !! Ur responsibility when it’s in your possession . Should have checked everything yourself before you put ant tension on the bow. It’s not the company’s fault it’s user error









OHVImedia1 year ago
in reply to the moby dick




I know! That’s the main reason I wanted to try that one first ๐Ÿ™‚ Amazing Show! And Daryl is the best!









ahhauke1 year ago





You should have checked it first… and tightened up the screws and bolts.









josh b1 year ago





That sucks









Sam malone1 year ago





Ive got a brother in law last name carr….hes not to bright with these things either .Should always check tightness of your bow…or ANYTHING for that matter









Erico Barrera1 year ago





just wow









the moby dick1 year ago
in reply to OHVImedia




thats the one daryl uses in the walking dead









d0nk3yboy1171 year ago





If it’s assembled it’s probably either two things , 1: It’s Dick’s Sporting goods fault , and 2: it’s a second hand crossbow









bootmaker649 months ago





This is how you sue. Go to a Chiropractor because your neck hurts. You may have damaged your spine permanently. The Chiropractor should refer you to a doctor or attorney. If not seek another one. They reason is the are after connected. They all want a piece of the pie. Notify your state Attorney General as this may have happened to others. They will not sue on your behalf. If many complaints are filled they will do a class action suit. Since it came assembled the store is responsible.









spawnofsatenzslutz7 months ago





This guy should not be using a crossbow.









OHVImedia1 year ago
in reply to PMPthatdude




My favorite is The Horton Scout HD 125. Pretty Compact! Shame that Crossbows are ilegal in Norway! But I have family in Canada. I got to try my uncles over there ๐Ÿ™‚ Pretty Cool ๐Ÿ˜€ He has a collection, and The Horton Scout HD 125 was the one I liked the best! Fitted me, cuz I’m 16… And pretty Short… And Stuff…

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