Horton Crossbows Videos

Horton Crossbows Videos



A vid I found from the summer. I had some work done on my crossbow. 150 lb pullback
Scott Hilborn5 months ago





Thanks. Ordered it today. Looked at the Jackal but it was about $70 more.




horton crossbow video








gccseagle2 years ago





Hey, I just got this today and I went out to shoot it and I love it. The only question I have is that the two cords that are tucked below (not the one that you draw to shoot) look like they are very slightly starting to tear, but it hasn’t effected the performance at all and since my whole family shoots it including my younger brothers and mom I really want to make sure it is safe. Thanks!









TodTodTv2 years ago
in reply to blackbarragepwnsall




@blackbarragepwnsall Thank you









RITBlake11 months ago





hilarious accent on this guy Bow is Buw









blackbarragepwnsall2 years ago





One last thing great video i hope you do more this is the only other video i have seen on this crossbow! Happy Holidays!









Robert White1 year ago





Great video good info. I’ve shot archery for over 30 years and this is my first crossbow as I got my handicap hunters permit this year. My son is also handicap from an IED in Sadar City and can’t wait to try it out, he killed his first buck with archery last year









presqueisle699 months ago





You could of went with Barnett jackel for that price little faster 315 fps and I have one works great









Wesley Mercer1 year ago





I have no experience with crossbows, and I wanted to buy a barnett crossbow (it’s somewhere in the ballpark of $280) and having a 150lb pull, obviously you can’t do it by hand… I heard the horton is very easy to cock, is it possible to cock this by hand? I’m in pretty good shape, but I’ve heard that people twice my size have a hard time pulling back 150lb crossbows by hand.









TheRebelEye1 year ago





It’s at walmart for 109 bucks.









TodTodTv2 years ago
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@blackbarragepwnsall I would say if your over 150lbs you will be ok, Thanks for watching









A .Stanton1 year ago





Good review.









blackbarragepwnsall2 years ago





Thanks you too, and about the draw weight you said that you shouldnt need a cable or rope puller correct?









TodTodTv2 years ago
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@blackbarragepwnsall i’m glad you found the information helpful. You won’t outgrow this bow, and is a better than any bow I have tried for $450 or less. My friend has a Vision which is about $800, his bow shoulders the same but the weight is more balanced. We thru multiple arrows thru his target and my Brotherhood buried them just as fast and deep as his bow. As for the scope I have not seen these for sale without it, and once you dial it in you will slap arrows at 25 yards, Merry Christmas









ryan francis1 year ago





could you take out a moose with this kind of bow









blackbarragepwnsall2 years ago





hey man this really help i’m researching into crossbows especially this one i’m 15 and i believe i’m getting this for Christmas i cant wait i’m completely new to archery hunting and hope this will be an awesome starter. any suggestions for what i might need to add to it i’m not a big fan of scopes but i’m willing to give it a shot.









chris129772 years ago
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@TodTodTv thanks….









TodTodTv2 years ago
in reply to gccseagle




@gccseagle You need the cable slide or “cable saver” for some reason Horton is only including the slides in about half of the orders that are coming through. Call cust. service









TodTodTv2 years ago
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@chris12977 Very sorry for the delayed response Chris. You are correct and need to install the slides. Horton did not include the slides on some of their early brotherhood crossbows. The manual says to install the slides on models with the metal stock only and this is incorrect. Cable slides should be installed on all models.









David Jacobo1 year ago





how much would it coust for the front of the bow i have one and i just need to replace the whole front of the bow









prowlerjesse1 year ago





I just bought one of these and it came with a cable saver but in the instructions it says not to use a cable saver. Any advice? Great vid.

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