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When it comes to crossbows, Horton is a name that is familiar to most hunters. Horton Crossbows consistently receive positive reviews and the top ratings from both novice and seasoned bow hunters. They are known for their lightweight, attractive price point and ease of use. The company also offers a wide variety of accessories such as sights and other options that can be used with the bows. The Horton brand has built a name for itself by providing consistent quality and a great value for its products. Consumers report that the products are both durable and performance oriented.

One of the most popular Horton Crossbows is the Horton Vision 175. This innovative bow receives high marks in both the looks and performance departments. The Vision 175 is simple to load and utilizes a new technology in its design that allows it to fire a projectile with relatively little noise. This can be a great advantage to hunters that are stalking game through wooded areas. The propulsion of the projectile is both fast and accurate according to consumer reports. The product is said to be well packaged so that it will not suffer any damage during the shipping process. Users report that the unique design of the Vision 175 offers a short axle-axle distance that helps with improved handling. The bow is easy to use while up in a tree-stand as the short axle-axle distance offers high maneuverability. This allows the hunter to remain confident while in positions that require agility.

Horton Crossbows Company

Horton Crossbows employ the latest technology that is available in commercial hunting devices. The bows employ Frontal String Technology in order to increase accuracy and performance. This patented technology helps to increase speed without sacrificing accuracy. The reverse draw limb in the design allows the bow to store energy that can then be utilized when the hunter is ready to fire the bow. The reverse limbs move in opposite directions from one another which helps to eliminated vibrations and decreases the volume of the firing.

Horton Crossbows have released a number of new products for their 2012 line including both the Horton Fury and the Horton Havoc. The Fury utilizes the same Reverse Draw Technology that can be found in the Vision 175. The result is a compact design that is lightweight while offering the user incredible speed and accuracy of performance. The Havoc is equally quiet and provides an incredible amount of power for its size. This bow also utilizes the patented Reverse Draw Technique that hunters have come to expect from Horton.

Horton Crossbows Specs

Consistently positive product reviews ensure that Horton Crossbows are some of the best bows available on the market today. The bows offer hunters the latest in technological advancements while remaining reasonabley priced. These bows can be found in a variety of sporting goods and hunting supply stores. The bows can also be purchased online depending on the area in which you live and the local laws that govern such sales. Horton offers high performance products at very competitive pricing.

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